Alla Dulh was born in 1983 in Leningrad (St.Petersburg), Russia.

Alla has exhibited her artworks in solo and group exhibitions globally. She’s been painting for nine years already and during this time her work’s been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of ERARTA, in the bastion of the Petropavlosk Fortress(museum of history St-Petersburg), in the Museum-estate of Roerich in Nagar, in a special projects on the 5th Moscow Biennale and in numerous private galleries around the world. She currently lives and works in Bali, Indonesia.

As many miracles happen all of a sudden, she realised her talent spontaneously, when she was 21. She lived in a studio of painters, where she first  took brush. In an short period of time, she not only evolved a great technic but also started to develop here unique style.

Her far travels and intimate feelings became a wonderful fuel to her works. She painted a lot since 2003, took part in many exhibitions and left here beautiful trace in many galleries. Painting became her form of meditation, that mixed with Eastern teachings and philosophy. 7 years in 7 countries she was looking for new forms of inner and outer expression.

She got inspired by natural textures 5 years ago and since that time wood became her reliable canvas. She picks very carefully each new wooden plank for her works, as textures and colors never repeat themselves...as well as moments


List of Exhibitions & Projects in Which Alla Dulh Have Taken Part

• 2003 – participant of photography team exhibition “Prosto” [Simply], Gallery de Lion, France

• 2004 – artistic setting coordinator of the “Den vne vremeni” [A Day Beyond Time], Malyj Mikhajlovskiy Palace, St.Petersburg

• 2003-2005 – program director of the “Open Cinema Centre”:

• 2003 – Dziga Vertov Festival, “Dom Kino”, St.Petersburg

• 2004 – Annual Cinema Festival within the limits of the “Vertikal” project [Vertical Line], Petropavlovskaya Fortress, St.Petersburg - cinema shows in “Dom Kino” and “Rodina” cinema theatres 

• 2005 – painting team exhibitions of the “Art Raum” project, curator Tomofey Pozner, Moscow 

• 2006 – personal painting exhibition “Face”, “Al-gallery-studio"', curator Natalya Pankova: http://www.al-gallery.com/index.php?p=133

• 2007 – personal painting exhibition “Genius Loci”, “Na Nevskom” studio

• 2007 – a painting used as a book cover for the collected works of German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte, St.Petersburg University Publishing: http://artist4722.erarta.com

• 2008 - personal painting exhibition "Blagoslovenie", curator Vadim Visotskiy, St. Petersburg

• 2009 - personal painting exhibition "Dom Aktera", curator Vladimir Adganov St. Petersburg

• 2010 - personal painting exhibition "Bardo" gallery "Shanti", Moscow

• 2010 - exhibition gallery "Open world", Moscow

• 2010 - exhibition "Homo" in museum of St.Petersburg, Petr-Paul fort, curator Daniel Kislyk

• 2010 - exhibition with Vadim Visotskiy "Not only body", University of Pavlov (General University of Medicine), St. Petersburg, Russia

• 2011 - common exhibition museum of modern art ERARTA, curator Pavel Markaitis, St. Petersburg, Russian: http://artist4722.erarta.com/

• 2012 - personal exhibition "Marga" in "Vrublevskay Gallery", curator Izabella Tarasova, Moscow, Russia: http://www.vgallery.ru/ru/archives/archive84/archives84.html

• 2012 - personal exhibition "Antare", museum of Roerich, Nagar, India: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7YEXbUBDDhk

• 2012 - exhibition gallery "Tommorow Antic". Helsinki, Finland

• 2013 - personal exhibition 5th Moscow Biennale special project with Arseniy Trofim (compositor, pianist )

• 2013 - solo exhobition 'More Vnytri' (Sea Inside) with gong meditation 

• 2013 - gallery Monmantr solo exhibition, Moscow

• 2014 - gallery 'Square Circle' Auroville, India: http://www.aurovilleradio.org/arts-a-culture/visual-arts/3436-painting-on-the-wood

• 2014 - participate in Shanti festival ,Goa, India: http://antoinehaimeur.com/shantigoa/h22FC761D#h22fc761d, http://vimeo.com/82620049

• 2015 - ANTARE movie about Alla Dulh and here path becomes available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW7RomEoVCM

• 2016 - exhibition "LIWA" in Art Hub, Emirates

COLLECTIONS 4 paintings in collection of modern art museum ERARTA in St.Petersburg, Russia: http://artist4722.erarta.com/ 1 painting Dalai - Lama Dharamsala, India 1 painting exhibited in general temple Mahabaleshwar, Gokarna, India 5 paintings Tibetian house, Moscow ...and numerous paintings in private collections


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